I am Connor Ward, The Lawn Rebel. I am a simple man with simple pleasures. I have a desire to make my lawn and landscape look beautiful. I am always looking for ways to make the landscape better. I like to tell it how it is rather than portray my perfect shiny side of things.

I grew up in Utah with parents that loved and cared about their yard. Growing up I can remember my parents spending hours and hours in the landscape adjusting things and fine-tuning their flower beds to a perfection.  I remember from a young age being forced to work in the landscape with my parents pulling weeds and doing general unpleasant yard work chores. Being forced to work in the lawn as a child made me hate doing yard work that did not involve mowing.  I always wondering why my parents would want to spend so much time on the flower beds and ornamentals.

I grew up using the lawn mower weekly and learning how to mow the lawn to a fine perfection. My father always wanted a shorter cut lawn than the neighbors because he liked the look more than the tall cut grass. I always agreed with him so I did what I was told.  We cut the lawn around 1 ½” to 2”.  Our yard always looked better than the neighbors.

Because of my childhood and being forced to work in the yard, I never wanted to do yard work when I was in charge.  I wanted grass all the way to the house so there would be no weeds that need pulling. My wife married me with this understanding.

With the acquisition of my very own home, things changed drastically for me. My opinions about how I wanted to take care of my lawn and landscape changed I now wanted to make my very own place look nice. I walked down a slippery slope and jumped down a rabbit hole and have not looked back.

I have always loved to watch plants grow a from seedling to mature plants and am fascinated by the transformation that takes place over the course of a growing season.  I love the spring season because the landscape comes to life and things start to grow. Winter is a hard season for me because most everything is dormant.

I am The Lawn Rebel. I was labeled The Lawn Rebel by a YouTube viewer. I like to do things in a non-traditional manner. I like to cut my lawn ultra-short which goes contrary to popular opinion for a residential lawn. People like tell me that I cannot keep my lawn this short in the middle of the summer so I like do my best to prove them wrong. This rebel mentality has shaped my YouTube channel and how I do things. This is my lawn and I get to make the rules on how I get to take care of it.

I never had intentions to be making videos on YouTube or to be selling merchandise. I made a video one day about my lawn and people loved it. They asked me to make another video so I did. One thing led to another and things started to snowball. People started asking to make shirts so I decided to take the plunge and give into their demands. I never thought people would be interested in watching me mow my lawn or watch me be myself. What you see on camera is what you get of me in person. I am an introvert by nature so opening up in front of the camera took some getting used to.

Almost everything that I do in my videos is unscripted and I do not like to use a hard and ridged plan. Lawn care is simple. It does not have to be complicated. I want to show people how easy it is with a little bit of effort.

When someone orders merchandise my wife and I process the shipping. We are 2 people in a tiny little home office processing orders for the generous viewers. We do our best to process quickly, but we are not Amazon and we never intend to become something similar to them. I take pride is good quality merchandise and do not want to settle for an inferior product just to make a little bit more money.

I want to thank you for your consideration in a purchase and I thank you for your support.